Request for Bids

Requests for Bids 

Requests for bids, quotes, or proposals may be found below.

Oil Quotes REVISED

The City of Washington, Kansas, is requesting quotes for fifteen - 55 gallon barrels of S.A.E 40 diesel engine oil for a total of 825 gallons. Oil must meet A.P.I. Service CF, CF-2 classification or better. Please give a per gallon price bid delivered to 1001 Park Road, Washington, Ks.  Specification sheets MUST provide TBN and viscosity of oil, and MUST accompany quote.

The City of Washington, Kansas, is also requesting quotes for:

1 - 55 gallon barrel of 10W30 motor oil;

1 - 55 gallon barrel of 15W40 motor oil;

1 - 55 gallon barrel of universal hydraulic oil, which must meet John Deere Hy Guard specifications or equivalent.

Quotes will be received at the City Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 296, 301 C Street, Washington, Kansas 66968, until 1:00 p.m. on Monday, September 18, 2023, and should be clearly marked “Oil Quote”.  Faxed and emailed quotes will be accepted.  Faxes may be submitted to Attn: City Clerk, 785-325-2678. Emailed bids may be submitted to Denise Powell, City Clerk,


Power Plant Masonry Work

The City of Washington is requesting bids for window removal and masonry enclosure work at the City Power Plant.

 This project will require removal of three 4’x6’ window frames and enclosing with masonry blocks and concrete around cooling and exhaust piping that was extended through those windows. 

Work is to be reinforced with Durawall reinforcement and rebar pins, along with wrapping exhaust piping with insulation.  Two other small areas in the block wall that will need enclosed also.

 Bids are due by 12 p.m. Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

Contact Info

Denise M. Powell
City Clerk
PO Box 296
301 C St
Washington, KS 66968
(785) 325-2284

Carl D. Chalfant
City Administrator
PO Box 296
301 C St
Washington, KS 66968
(785) 325-2284