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Ordinance 820


Summary of Ordinance No. 820

On March 6, 2023, the City of Washington, Kansas, adopted Ordinance No. 820, an ordinance authorizing and directing the removal of certain unsafe and dangerous structure(s) located at Lots Five (5) and Six (6) in Block Thirty-two (32) in the City of Washington, Washington County, Kansas, also known and referred to as 210 W. 5th Street in the City of Washington, Kansas; authorizing the financing of the costs of such removal by the sale of salvage from such structure(s), if any, and/or from the general fund of the city; and the levying of special assessments against the lots or parcels of land on which such structures are located.  A complete text of the Ordinance may be obtained or viewed free of charge at City Hall, 301 C Street, Washington, Kansas.  Additionally, the full text may be viewed on the City’s official website www.washingtonks.net for a minimum of one week following the date of this publication.  This summary was reviewed and certified by Elizabeth Baskerville Hiltgen, City Attorney.