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Upcoming Traffic Changes to US 36


For Immediate Release:

Phase 2 of the US-36 Highway Project is planned to start the week of February 20, 2023.

This phase is the removal and replacement of the center lane of US-36.

The center lane of US 36 will be closed through the entire city limits, with the exception of the intersection at D Street. 

D Street will be the only street allowing traffic to cross US-36 and enter US 36 in both directions.

All other streets entering US-36 will be a right turn only.


  1. A vehicle traveling south approaching US-36 Hwy from the north will only be able to turn right (west) onto US-36.
  2. A vehicle traveling north approaching US-36 Hwy from the south will only be allowed to turn right (east) onto US-36.

During this phase, all streets in the City of Washington, entering onto US-36, will be closed to cross traffic, except D St.